Selling Guide

Preparing your property for Sale

In a competitive market, to gain the highest price and to attract the best Buyers, Sellers must recognise the importance of presenting their property in the best possible way to make it more appealing to a potential buyer.

Here are just a few tips that will help create more demand for your property:

  • Neutral colours are best for the interior walls - Ideally, flooring should be wooden, laminate or plain carpets.
  • Beds should be made, all clothes should be put away and papers kept neatly piled.
  • Keep your whole property clean and well-aired and give the garden (if any) a tidy.
  • Put all animals out of sight and smell.
  • Make sure your front door is clean and the entrance hall area is clear of obstructions - first impressions really do count!

Liv24 can provide a full range of Decorating, Maintenance, Gardening and Cleaning Services, please contact for more information.

Assessing The Market Value

This is normally the most important issue to the Seller and understandably so. Selling our home is, for most of us, the largest financial transaction we ever conduct. If we cannot sell, we worry about what might be wrong and if we sell too quickly we worry in case we've undersold. However certain issues need to be considered when calculating the marketing price, such as:

  • Proximity to schools
  • The popularity of an area/location, particular road etc.
  • Transport and Shopping Facilities
  • The general demand in your area
  • Sale price of other properties also currently on the market
  • The decorative condition and layout of a property

Above are some of the highlighted points which will have an effect on the eventual marketing price. However, home buying is a private and subjective undertaking and there are many factors that will be down to personal taste and over which you will have no control. 

Choosing the Right Agency

This is far more important than you may think. The general perception that all Agents are the same is simply not true. Each Agency will handle matters very differently from the next and you will need to consider the following before choosing the Agency that will act for you. Your choice of Agent will have an effect on the eventual sale price of your property. Instruct one Agent on a sole agency basis for a limited period only.

There are numerous reasons for doing so:

  • Most buyers will contact every agent in the area into which they wish to move. Receiving the same property from several agents can give the impression there is something wrong with the property or that it may be overpriced.
  • Like most businesses, Estate Agents work to a budget and will invest a greater proportion of their time, effort and advertising on those properties they believe they are most likely to sell.
  • Remember it is only the agent who sells your property who receives a commission. The agents who are unsuccessful will have spent their own money for absolutely no return. Therefore, when you instruct more than one agent, an unscrupulous agent may be tempted to agree any sale at any price to any buyer as quickly as possible to ensure that the property is withdrawn from their competitors' property registers. This is not in your best interests. The first offer is not necessarily the best offer.

Above all you must feel you can trust the agent you instruct. A healthy business "partnership" is essential and you must therefore opt for the agent with whom you feel most comfortable. When an offer is received, you must be sure that your agent is acting solely for you, representing your best interests and not simply interested in securing their commission even at your expense.

Some may assume that instructing a Large Corporate Agent will produce more enquiries. The reality is that any serious buyer generally contacts every agent in the area. It usually makes little difference to a buyer which agent they buy through or how many offices that agent has. They will buy through the agent who arranges the appointment for them to see the property they want to buy

Viewings and Regular Contact

If we receive an offer, we will provide you with all the relevant details you need about your prospective buyer.

We will contact you a minimum of every 7 Days to update you on our progress and if necessary, suggest new ways in which to market your home.

We will after One Month of marketing, revisit you at your home to refresh the property particulars (details given to buyers), rephotograph your property and discuss new ways in which to achieve a sale.

Liv24 will endeavor to produce innovative ways to market your property until we achieve the intended result

Sellers Expenses Checklist

Making allowances for all the costs involved in moving home will have an effect on your eventual decision to sell. With this in mind, we have listed below the expenses you can expect to incur in a standard residential property sale.

Solicitors / Legal Fees
Stamp Duty (on your next purchase) - Handled by Solicitor
Land Registry Fees (as above)
Local Search (as above)
Search Fees (normally via your lender)
Your Lenders Arrangement Fee
Deposit (for your next purchase)
Removal Costs
Agency Fees
Other Costs / Fees

Receiving an Offer

This is where your choice of agent really makes a difference! Receiving an offer for your property is of no value until the quality of that offer has been established. There is absolutely no point in wasting time and spending money on a buyer who is simply not in a position to proceed on the purchase of your home. When receiving an offer we will establish the following:

  • Is the person making the offer in a position to buy?
  • Can they obtain a mortgage?
  • Are they dependent on a related sale and if so, how far (if at all) has that sale progressed?
  • If their own property has yet to be sold, what are the chances of selling it?
  • Can they afford to pay more than they are offering?

You will be paying an Agent to use their best endeavours and negotiating skills to achieve the best possible price for you. An agent who acts simply as a messenger between you and a prospective buyer is not doing their job. An experienced Agent will ask the right questions to establish a prospective buyer's credentials.

Our Market Strategy

Liv24 believes in exposing your property to as wide an audience as possible, thereby, enhancing the chances of finding a buyer and increasing the eventual sale price achieved. We will generally advertise your property:

  • In publications dedicated to the Lettings Industry
  • Using our prominent Office Displays
  • On the Internet via this website

Although having an enormous response and generating a lot of inquiries can seem helpful, it is the way in which the Company receiving those enquiries handles them, which is in fact all important.

Liv24 does not believe in blindly going down the same road without result, but instead will continue to create new ways of marketing your property until a satisfactory outcome is reached. We will also regularly update you of our progress so that you can plan ahead accordingly.

Legal Information

The Property Misdescriptions Act prevents an Agent from inaccurately describing your property i.e. from using any descriptions which may be misleading, a matter of personal opinion or simply untrue. Put simply, if you cannot supply written evidence to prove a particular point, we cannot print it. To do otherwise may leave you open to a claim for compensation from a potential buyer because you will be required to sign a copy of the property particulars.

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Don't just take our word for it! Read our clients reviews.
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